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22-24 October | Malmö, Sweden


Nordic Smart Cities Conference & Expo

Nordic Smart Cities is the leading regional event for smart and sustainable city development, gathering 100+ speakers and 1000+ attendees it is a great opportunity for city leaders and administrators to listen, learn and discuss the future development of our cities and municipalities. For solution providers it offers the chance to put your brand at the forefront of the minds of city leaders, planners, architects and developers.

Many cities and regions across the Nordics have aggressive co2 reduction plans, with some of them planning to be carbon neutral by as early as 2025. In order to achieve these targets there will have to be a change in mindset and behaviour from city halls, citizens, industry and business – without the 4 working closely together such targets can be achieved, but without this collaboration such targets could be missed.

Unique audience bringing together key decision makers from public and private sectors

High-level debates on growing the digital city and accelerating cities innovation and accelerating citywide innovation

Broad global industry participation: entrepreneurs, SMEs, leading vendors, government, ministers and regulators

Networking at the highest level with key decision makers

Presentations focussing on best approaches to to improve our cities, including strategy, standardisation and technology

Exhibition featuring SMEs & international solution providers

Why Malmö?

Learn why we could not think of a better city to host the 4th edition of Nordic Smart Cities!

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Mässgatan 6
215 32 Malmö

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