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After 3 successful years in Stockholm Nordic Smart Cities is moving to Malmö for 2018. Malmö is Sweden’s third largest and most diverse city, it is also part of the Greater Copenhagen area “the 79 municipalities in Greater Copenhagen are home to 4 million inhabitants and Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base of highly-skilled employees” – www.greatercopenhagen.com

Malmö has set the ambitious target of running on 100% renewable energy by 2030 – such a target cannot be achieved without the implementation of smart and sustainable technologies across the city. Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, the Mayor of Malmö will be opening Nordic Smart Cities 2018 – outlining the strategies and plans that Malmö are putting in place now to enable the city to meet its renewable energy target.

The event itself will take place at Malmömässan, the largest exhibition arena in the city and a part of the recent developments in the Hyllie area of the city. Just 25 minutes on the train from Copenhagen airport Hyllie is the largest development zone in the city and is leading the way towards long-term sustainability – by as early as 2020 the area will run on 100% renewable energy.

“Malmö aims to be a world-leading climate city, and we’re on the way already. Our broad-based efforts cover everything from traffic to consumption. But we also have to adapt our society to climate changes like extreme precipitation and drought.” – http://malmo.se/Nice-to-know-about-Malmo/Sustainable-Malmo-/Climate-change–Energy.html

Taking all of this into account we could not think of a better venue to host the 4th edition of Nordic Smart Cities!


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