2017 Agenda


Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Martin Brynskov, Associate Professor, Aarhus University


Best Practises & Lessons learned from a Global Village

  • Governance structure, including – political leadership, holistic approach, end user centric approach – IoC, financing
  • Open data – Open platform – Open source • Collaboration – PPPP

Frans-Anton Vermast, Senior Adviser, Amsterdam Smart City


The Next Step in Barcelona’s Smart City Journey – BCNLAB

  • Creating an environment for citizen led exploration & experimentation
  • Implementing the world of technology, science, knowledge and culture in the city of Barcelona

Diana Escobar, Project Director, BCNLAB


Fossil Fuel Free Stockholm by 2040

  • Decarbonisation achievements, 70% renewable energy today
  • How digitalisation can support CO2 mitigation – the most cost effective measures

Björn Hugosson, Head of Climate Unit, City of Stockholm


Smart City Strategy & Vision for the City of 2040 – Mayoral Panel Discussion

Ulf Kamne, Deputy Mayor, City of Gothenburg
Jan Valeskog, Deputy Mayor, City of Stockholm
Halldór Auðar Svansson, Deputy Mayor, City of Reykjavik
Anni Sinnemäki, Deputy Mayor, City of Helsinki


Networking Break


Smart City Vienna – A Recipe for Strategy & Monitoring

  • Using your existing building blocks
  • Smart City monitoring – measuring performance in practice, the key KPI’s 

Andreas Trisko, Head of Development, City of Vienna


The Nervous System of a Smart City

  • Re-engineering the city with smart ICT will enhance the livelihood of citizens, improve efficiency & increase competitiveness of business operations
  • Utilising ICT to form a city nervous system that enables connections: people to people, people to things and things to things

Richard Budel, Global Public Safety & Smart City Advisor, Huawei


Smart City Uppsala – Bringing Together Leadership, Partnership & Scalability

  • Gaining strong organisational commitment to innovative development
  • R&D-projects within Internet of Things for sustainable city development

Johan Rosen, Strategic Adviser, Municipality of Uppsala
Olle Bergdahl, E-government Strategist, Municipality of Uppsala


SmartEnCity – Towards Smart Zero CO2 Cities across Europe

  • Creating a network of small & medium sized cities – building towards a carbon free future

Peter Rathje, Managing Director, ProjectZero


Sharing Cities – Building Smart Cities Together

  • Changing the way that we think about the role of digital technology in our cities

Nathan Pierce, Programme Director, Sharing Cities


Networking Lunch

City Showcase Tracks and Smart City Research Lab

City Showcase Track 1
Main Auditorium
Chaired by: Martin Brynskov

City Showcase Track 2
Room K11
Chaired by: Carl Piva

Smart City Research Lab
Room K16
Chaired by: Teemu Santonen


Smart City Moscow – creating a test hub for smart city development

Eldar Tuzmukhametov, Smart Lab Leader, City of  Moscow


Malmö Innovation Arena – accelerating sustainable urban development

Jenny Åström, Project Manager, City of Malmö


Cities as Living Labs — Increasing the impact of investment in the circular economy

Teemu Santonen, Principal Researcher, Laurea University


Helsinki Advances with Open Smart City IoT – engaging businesses and citizens

Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, IoT Program Director, Forum Virium Helsinki


Creating a cyber secure smart city & fostering economic innovation

Brian Benjamin, Smart City Leader, The Hague


Botnia Living Lab – user-centric research, development & innovation

Ali Padyab, User Engagement Expert, Botnia Living Lab


How to take an unfair advantage – strategies for extra-small municipalities

Johanna Hyrkäs, Director, Municipality of Lapinjärvi


Smart Gjesdal – from framework to action in a medium sized municipality

Eva-Maria Gärtner, Project Manager, Municipality of Gjesdal


Intelligent and Integrated energy Systems in Smart Cities for Smart Societies

Henrik Madsen, Professor, DTU


Citizen City – integrating citizen participation as a real part of smart cities policy

Jorge Saraiva, Co-chair, Citizen City Project


Innovative Regional Development: the case of Helsinki smart region

Johanna Juselius, Senior Adviser, Helsinki-Uusimaa Region


DTU Smart Campus – autonomous bus, sensors, drones and smart library

Tessa Anderson, Professor, DTU


Creating Tyresö Together – community engagement guides the new municipal strategic plan

Emma Shepherdson, Project Manager, Tyresö Kommun


OpenDenmark – open data across municipalities – for the next generation

Eva Maria Knudsen, Board Member, OpenData.DK


KTH Live-in Lab – testbed to increase innovation in construction & real estate

Jonas Anund Vogel, Director, KTH Live-in Lab


The Digitalisation of Cities – powered by Huawei

Andrew Watson, Group Public Safety Expert, Huawei


Citizen involvement & new governance in the city of Kópavogur

Sverrir Óskarsson, Vice Chairman, City of Kópavogur


Smart City Research Lab – Open Discussion

Teemu Santonen, Principal Researcher, Laurea University


Networking Break


Internet of Things & Safe Cities – Panel Discussion

  • Johan Rosen, Strategic Adviser, Municipality of Uppsala
  • Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, IoT Program Director, Forum Virium
  • Eldar Tuzmukhamedov, Smart Lab Leader, City of  Moscow
  • Martin Brynskov, Associate Professor, Aarhus University

Moderated by Andrew Watson, Group Public Safety Expert, Huawei


Innovation Showcase from OpenDataSoft

  • How open data can help cities to create smarter services for citizens
  • Securely open up your data and take a step towards becoming truly smart

Fanny Goldschmidt, Business Developer, OpenDataSoft


Standardisation & the role of SDO collaboration from a global & national perspective

Sepehr Mousavi, Chair, Sustainable Smart Cities, Swedish Standards Institute / Plantagon


How Standards can add Real Value to Cities as they become Smarter

  • Standardisation as a key driver for cities of all shapes & sizes
  • Learning from implementation of smart city standards across the globe
  • Smart Cities Forum – Platform for SDOs collaboration

Antoine Morin, Technical Program Manager, ISO


IEC Systems Committee on Smart Cities

  • Fostering the development of standards in the field of electrotechnology to help with the integration, interoperability & effectiveness of city systems

Peter Lanctot, Technical Officers Group Manager, IEC


Building the Frameworks for Successful Smart City Development – Panel Discussion

Karin Lindmark, Standardisation Director, Built Environment, SIS
Pernilla Bergmark, Research Manager, Sustainability – Ericsson / ITU Expert
Thomas Korssell, CEO, Svensk Elstandard
Antoine Morin, Technical Program Manager ISO
Peter Lanctot, Technical Officers Group Manager, IEC

Moderated by: Sepehr Mousavi, Sustainable Smart Cities Committee & Plantagon


Chairman’s Closing Remarks

Martin Brynskov, Associate Professor, Aarhus University


Networking Cocktail Reception


Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Kari Kankaala, Director, City Development, City of Tampere


Creating a Greener Climate for Europe & Beyond – Climate KIC

  • How can your village, town or city get involved to help change the planet
  • Changing the behaviour and mindset of business and citizens to create a sustainable future

Anders Wijkman, Chair, Climate-KIC


Smart City Umeå – the Ruggedised Project

  • Overall vision of continued social, economic and environmentally sustainable growth
  • Creating a “smart district” – underpinned by planned regeneration & new developments

Margareta Rönngren, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Umeå


Smart City Vaasa – becoming a Truly Sustainable City

  • Putting sustainability at the top of the agenda – starting with the launch of green buses
  • How a smaller city uses smart city development to engage citizens & grow the economy

Tomas Häyry, Mayor, Municipality of Vaasa


Oulu 2026 – a Co-Creative City Strategy for the Future

  • The big challenges for cities – economic, environmental and education
  • Innovative solutions created with citizens – co-creation & citizen engagement are the key elements

Piia Rantala-Korhonen, Director – International Relations, City of Oulu


How the Small Giants can be the Real Innovators in Smart City Development – Panel Discussion

Tomas Häyry, Mayor, Municipality of Vaasa
Margareta Rönngren, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Umeå
Piia Rantala-Korhonen, Director – International Relations, City of Oulu
Peter Rathje, Managing Director, ProjectZero

Moderated by Regis Cabral, Director, FEPRO – Funding for European Projects


Networking Break


Building More Connected, More Inclusive Cities – Mastercard is working with Cities to support:

  • Urban Mobility
  • Financial Inclusion
  • SMEs and Connected Commerce
  • Smart City Planning

Johan Envall, Director, Acceptance Development, Mastercard


The Transformation of the City of Malmö

  • From an industrial city in decline towards a centre of knowledge, modern architecture, culture and green technology

Ilmar Reepalu, Former Mayor & Architect, City of Malmö


Innovation Showcase from EasyPark Group

  • Utilising smart data to reduce the time it takes to find available parking
  • A two-sided approach to create more livable cities for everyone

Mauritz Börjeson, CBDO, EasyPark Group


Skills for the City of the Future

  • Is it a multi-disciplinary or intra-disciplinary challenge the city of the faces?
  • Celebrating best practise

Rick Hartwig, Head of Built Environment, Institution of Engineering & Technology

Themed Tracks

Smart Mobility
Main Auditorium
Chaired by: Kari Kankaala

Energy & Sustainability
Room K16
Chaired by: Carl Piva


Automated buses as part of the public transportation chain – how will it affect our future cities & how should we prepare?

Harri Santamala, Smarter Mobility, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences


Putting renewable energy & sustainability at the forefront of future planning. A review of projects across Norway.

Øyvind Aarvig, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Climate & Environment


Trafikverket’s vision for a smarter & greener transport system in Sweden

Anna Wildt-Persson, Chief Strategist, Trafikverket


Leading New ICT – building a sustainable & robust smart grid

Jason Ji, Director of Energy Sector, Nordic & CEE, Huawei


Digital Dialogue – passengers, operators and authorities working together

  • The lean &  agile way creates a better service with lower cost

Antti Vuorela, Head of Operational Research, Helsinki Region Transport


Nearly zero energy renovation pilot in 6 cities across Europe –  the EU-GUGLE project

Florencio Manteca, Project Coordinator, EU-Gugle Project


Networking Lunch


Unlocking Climate Finance for Cities : barriers and solutions

  • Creating an innovation ecosystem between cities, investors and solution providers
  • Global North v.s. Global South or joint innovation?
  • The challenge of scale

Victor Gancel, Programme Director, Climate-KIC


Innovative New Models for Smart City Financing

  • Viable cities – the new strategic innovation program on smart cities
  • Beyond green bonds – what is needed
  • Potential for synergies between private and public investments

Mikael Edelstam, CEO, Miljöstrategi


WWF’s One Planet Cities Programme

  • The role of civil society organisations to support climate-smart cities & climate-smart citizens
  • Smart cities require smart, comparable and transparent data, as well as smart citizens

Jennifer Lenhart, Programme Manager, WWF


Circular Economy Creates Better Cities!

  • Circular economy is a great framework to develop opportunities in your city & bring the right stakeholder to the table

Jasper Steinhausen, Co-Founder, Ouroboros


Together towards Resource Wisdom and Circular Economy

  • How the region tries to reach sustainable well-being through a circular & carbon neutral economy
  • The crucial role of the city as a driver/promoter to encourage participation of all the stakeholder groups –  for example experimental culture in a tool box

Pirkko Melville, Research & Development Manager, City of Jyväskylä


DEcentralised Citizen Owned Data Ecosystem: DECODE

  • Data is a common resource & infrastructure where to build upon (new services)
  • Data is shared according to rules set by common (enforceable) governance

Aik van Eemeren, CTO, City of Amsterdam


Chairman’s Closing Remarks

Kari Kankaala, Director, City Development, City of Tampere