3 SEPTEMBER  -  copenhagen, denmark

Agenda at a glance

Nordic Smart Cities conference offers you the opportunity to hear from 50+ speakers across 4 stages with over 800 minutes of content and networking. Whether you are interested in hearing from politicians, smart city project leaders, academia or industry then we have something for you.

Morning Mingle & Registration
Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Gordon Falconer, Senior Strategic Advisor, OiER & Augment City
Building Partnerships for Sustainable Devt. & Green Transition of the Greater Copenhagen Region
- Continuously develop & reinvent solutions for a greener, healthier a more innovative region
- Coordinating digital prototypes, platforms & other smart city projects to create a truly data-driven region
Diana Arsovic Nielsen, Director for Regional Development, The Capital Region of Denmark
Smart City Vienna: a Vision for Guaranteeing the Highest Quality of Life
- Developing a strategy & planning the smart city of tomorrow
- Project showcase - some of the latest projects from one the world's smartest cities
Ina Homeier, Head of Smart City Vienna Unit, City of Vienna
Shaping Future Cities & Prevent Risks with the help of Data, Foresight & Systems Thinking?
- How to combine data & models to enable diverse stakeholders to make decisions based on data? 
- How to assess the impact & value of planned solutions?
Peter Ylén, Principal Scientist, VTT
Panel Discussion: Creating the Political Environment for Smart & Sustainable Development
- Pekka Timonen, Mayor, City of Lahti
- Aase Nyegaard, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Sønderborg
- Lauri Inna, Mayor, City of Salo
Moderated by: Gordon Falconer, Senior Strategic Advisor, OiER & Augment City
Networking Break & One 2 One Meetings
Track Sessions
Digital Cities
IoT, Data & AI
Chairman - Martin Brynskov, Chairman, OASC
Cracking the Innovation Code: Smart City-Making & Listening to your Residents
- DigiTel City Card - using unique digital profile to offer customised information & services, anywhere, anytime
- Putting information in the palm of citizens to improve quality of life
Gidi Schmerling, Director of Media Relations, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality
Using Hyper-Precision to Address Societal Challenges
- Using accurate & dynamic positioning (objects in motion) in dense urban spaces
- New areas for application & opportunities to make society more efficient, intelligent & sustainable
Martin Skjold Grøntved, Head of Section, Agency for Data Supply & Efficiency
The Role of Data in the Changing Government Landscape
- Urban digital foresight - taking a pro-active role to technological evolution
- Using the semantic web to connect data & meaning
Bart Rosseau, Chief Data Officer, City of Ghent
Panel Discussion: How Data will Allow for Innovation, Collaboration & Improved Services
- Henrik Johanson, Program Manager Smart Region, The Capital Region of Denmark
- Marius Sylvestersen, Head of Copenhagen Solutions Lab, City of Copenhagen
- Peter Ylén, Principal Scientist, VTT
Moderated by: Martin Brynskov, Chairman, OASC
Sustainable Cities
Smart Mobility
Chairman - Patrick Driscoll, Project Leader, DTU
Open Innovation Paves the Road to Sustainable Mobility
- Open & international innovation challenge helps develop sustainable mobility
- Based on the needs of end-users in 5 Swedish regions - 3 three winners with new innovative solutions
- Charlotte Lejon, Project Manager, Swedish Energy Agency
- Jesper Johansson, Operational Project Manager, Sustainable Mobility Challenge
Taking a New Approach to Mobility - Zero Emission Car Rental for Employees & Citizens
- Discouraging car ownership, decreasing congestion & improving air quality
- Project managed through easy to use digital solutions for employees & citizens
Øyvind Stokseth, Head of Smart City, Municipality of Halden
MaaS in a Historical City: Connecting Public Transportation & Shared Mobility
- The role of MaaS platforms - the good & the evil, bringing businesses together - Making mobility more convenient for citizens & improving liveability
Jaromír Beránek, Smart City Committee Head, Prague City Assembly
Panel Discussion: Designing out Cars from our Cities
- Chris Bruntlett, Marketing & Communication Manager, Dutch Cycling Embassy
- Sidsel Birk Hjuler, Head of Office, Cycle Superhighways of the Capital Region
- Mette Granberg, Transport Planner, Helsinki Regional Transport Auth.
- Ari Lainevuo, Research Manager, Helsinki Region
- Javier Gimenez, General Manager Nordics, Tier Mobility
Moderated by: Patrick Driscoll, Project Leader, DTU
Liveable Cities
Urban Planning & Development
To Be Confirmed
The Value of Experiential Experts - Europe's Most Accessible City 2019
- Nothing about us, without us!
- It is not the people that have a disability, but society
- Karel Dollekens, Advisor to the Board, City of Breda
- Miriam Haagh, Deputy Mayor, City of Breda
Do we Design Cities for Technology? Or for People & Liveability?
- The importance of human insights in the sustainable smart city
- Technology deployments can be nimble, agile & reusable
- Trine Plambech, Manager, Intelligent Sustainability, Alexandra Institutet
- Morten Skov Jørgensen, Senior Cyber-Physical Specialist, Alexandra Institutet
Making Ålesund Smart - U4SSC Future lab
- Shaping urban development plans through co-create & collaboration
- Connecting business, cities, academia & finance institutions to develop the next generation of smart solutions
Helge Veum, Chief of Tech & Innovation, Nye Ålesund Municipality
Panel Discussion: Inclusive, Social & Liveable Cities - Putting the People First
- Miriam Haagh, Deputy Mayor, City of Breda
- Helge Veum, Chief of Tech & Innovation, Nye Ålesund Municipality
- Morten Nielsen, CEO, IFHP
- Patrick Faming, Sustainable Cities Working Group Head, Boverket
Moderated by:
to be confirmed
Max 25 Attendees
Practical Use of Standards in Urban Sustainable Development
Workshop Overview:
A management system for implementation of Agenda 2030 at municipal level Based on Swedish National Standard SS 854000
Workshop Moderators
- Ellinor Avsan, Chair, Swedish Eco-Municipalities
- Kenneth Gyllensting, Environmental Strategist, Municipality of Karlskrona
- Sepehr Mousavi, Futurist, Earth of Billions
Networking Lunch & One 2 One Meetings
Digital Cities
Digital Twin & Innovation
Chairman - Martin Brynskov, Chairman, OASC
Social Sustainability & the Digital Smart City - Digital Twin in Örebro
- A Digital Twin helps cities create smart IoT solutions with increased cost efficiency in maintenance
- But can a Digital Twin help us make better decisions in creating social sustainability?
Ulrika Jansson, Head of Urban Planning, Municipality of Örebro
Building a Sustainable City in Co-Creation with Citizens in a Digital Platform
- Building a city from scratch with digital twin technology - innovative, modern, international & human
- How do we keep the high ambition of creating an innovative & sustainable city future proof?
Maria Ådahl, CEO, Landvetter Södra Utveckling AB
Aggregate Disconnected Tools & Data Sources into a Single 3D City Model
- Building immersive experiences for citizens to enable next level engagement
Speaker to be confirmed
Sustainable Cities
Energy & Utilities
Chairman - Katrine Krogh Andersen, Board Member, EU Mission Board for CN & Smart Cities
The Future of Water - Smarter ways to Distribute & Consume Water
- Digital solutions to challenges that we are facing with water shortages, old pipes and sewage systems
- Educating our water consumers to understand how to consume water sustainably
Henriette Jareklew, Digital Strategist, NSVA/City of Helsingborg
Towards a Carbon Neutral Oulu in 2040 - Ambitious Plans to Ensure Vitality
- Grow sustainably, act resource wisely, nature is our resource & promoting environmental responsibility
- The programme is in place, the hard work starts now to ensure we meet our targets
Matti Matinheikki, Director, Urban & Environment Services, City of Oulu
Metropolitan Smart Villages - Neighbourhoods & Small Business Working Together to Become Smart
- Smart City solutions within energy & utilities are big scale & industrial - we need small scale & local too
- A Housing Association of 500 people in 163 houses - sharing energy, services, facilities & social activities
Flemming Madsen, Founder, DOLL Living Lab Sebastian Büttrich, Research Lab Manager, IT University of Copenhagen
Liveable Cities
Urban Planning & Development
To Be Confirmed
From Shitstorm to Lovestorm: Can Citizens Change the Image of a Place?
- Social media for people's movements
- A constructive people's reaction to today's journalism
Kirsten Sydendal, Community Organiser, Lolland-Falster Lovestorm
Creating Liveable Cities through Global Alliances
- Access Cities Project - strengthen sustainable urban development in five project cities:
New York City, Singapore, Munich and the Danish cities of Copenhagen & Aarhus
Martha Marriner, Project Manager, State of Green
Social Is The New Smart - IFHP's Social Cities
- Developing a new method to measure, design & implement socially sustainable solutions
- An index to translate fragmented data, an ideation lab to co-create & a knowledge-sharing platform
Morten Nielsen, CEO, IFHP
Networking Break & One 2 One Meetings
Lightning Talks - A Series of Short & Snappy Product Showcases from Technology Leaders
- Brunata
- CycloMedia
- Tier Mobility
From User Driven Innovative Ideas to a Smart Map for Circular Economy
- Working with quadruple helix to deliver valuable services for citizens
- Using open data, open source & creative partners throughout Europe
Kim Lantto, Development Leader, City of Gothenburg
Stockholm UAM Lab – How Far Away are we from Drone Cities?
- Building a test bed & framework for the future of drone implementation in cities
- Local & international collaboration to understand how cities can reap the benefits of urban air mobility
Petra Dalunde, COO, Kista Science City
The Making of a Smarter City – How to Foster Innovation in the Public Sector
- What do we mean by innovation? Why is it difficult?
- What are we doing to foster innovation in Helsingborg?
- A live example: a potential innovation that nearly died the shoebox death
Patrick Lindqvist, Chief Innovation Adviser, City of Helsingborg
Smart City of 2030 in a Changing World
- How work/technology will change and impact cities
- Changing behaviour and people preferences related to new technologies
- City role for the future
Teppo Rantanen, Executive Director, Smart Tampere
Chairman's Closing Remarks
Gordon Falconer, Senior Strategic Advisor, OiER & Augment City
Networking Drinks Reception

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